About us


Established in 2020, Dynamic Production is a full service, professional events production, music record label, artist management and video production company. The company is not limited to only Seychelles but also ready to operate in Mauritius and several other regional countries.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, professional event planning services to suit our clients’ needs and maximizing their visibility. This is done through flawless service delivery that caters to our clients’ goals and budget.

WHo we work with


METIS is a group of talented and professional Seychellois musicians who have been in music for many years.

From left to right:

– Mervin Nibourette (Drums, Vocal)

– Brandon Agrippine (Lead Guitar)

– Belinda Moncherry (Vocal, Percussions, Violin)

– Alain Bacco (Keyboard)

– Tony Julie (Band Leader, Bass Player, Vocal)

The group was formed in 2011, and has been participated in several concerts nationally and internationally. METIS specializes in different genre of music; jazz, reggae, pop, world music, traditional music of Seychelles, just to name a few. METIS has worked in collaboration with many top artists; Jany De Letourdie (gold medal for 1997 Jeux de la Francophonie), Jean Marc Volcy (winner for 1993 Découverte RFI and KORA in 2000), Patrick Victor (winner for best song RFI in 1993), David Andre who is also the Mayor of Victoria and many other international artists such as Malesh, Andre Jam, Alam Saler, Dagger Kkila, Ras Nininn, Mascarenias, George Corette etc. They have also performed in many countries such as Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion, South Africa, Madagascar, Cot Divoire, France, Portugal, Tanzania amongst others.

One Stop Studio

Located in Amani Complex Perseverance is one of Seychelles’ best, fully equipped, professional music recording studio and music rehearsal room. 

Co-owned by our artist Ion Kid, it’s the perfect place for any voice over commercials, music studio work and concert rehearsals. Unlike most studios around Seychelles, it is quite spacious and can easily fit up to a dozen people at once if required.